TJ was one of those strange feelings that you get when someone asks will you foster this dog. I never flinched or thought about it, even though I had not seen him yet, I just said YES.

My friend Teri and I picked him up, he was such a sweet little boy, happy, friendly, well adjusted. His only problem was that his ears were severely damaged. But TJ is am amazing wonderful little dog, it did not effect his sunny personality.

He and Errol became fast friends, playing, running, tugging and sleeping together. In all the years I fostered, this one was the one that spoke to us all that he was not leaving. I tell people he was a foster for about and hour and a half.

So TJ has stayed with us, he has been the most wonderful dog, there is something about the way he looks at me that I know he is the most special little dog. He has special friends, he is happy just sitting in your lap and leaning into your body.

TJ has done a little agility, in Teacup agility he has a TG1, which is level 1 games title. He is not formally trained, but he can play a little in agility.

I did find his calling he now goes to Noseworks class, and he is one talented little nosy dog. I think he found his calling, he does get on tables and on things I never expected. So finding the scents and food in all those odd places is right up his alley.

teacup TG1