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Mickthea Yukon Dragonfire


I flew down to Texas to pick out Riki from breeder Dorthea Robinson DVM, Mickthea Kennels, in April of 2002. When I arrived at her house, I was greeted by the three pups I had to choose from. I was only staying the one night and by the time I was just about to leave, I still had not decided which pup I wanted. Riki sold himself to me then, when we were out in her yard. He was the one who was in the garden, splashing in the tortoise water, barking and pawing at those same tortoises, running through the hollow logs the tortoises hung out in. He was so inquisitive, so bold, so busy, that I had to take him home. He had everything that I felt an agility dog should have. He has a mind of his own and a temper. He is a blast to work with. It took me awhile to name him, I could not decide on the right name and as I watched him ricochet off the dogs, furniture and zip around the house, I had to name him Riki. He fits in just fine here. He and Carmen were best buddies. They played all the time, making lots of noise, sounding like hive of bees. Riki does have a special circle of doggie friends, Cassie, the Weim, PJ, the Boxer and Harvey, the Collie. Does this tell you he likes his friends bigger than he?


***News flash!*** Riki was in his first ever agility trial, the OTRAG NADAC trial in Wrentham, MA on April 10 & 11, 2004. He was a good boy, he stayed in the ring, worked and jumped his little heart out. He is a different dog to run than the BC and Carmen, he has such nice long legs and covers a lot of ground as he runs. He does not look like he is going fast, but he gets out of the tunnel sooner than I expected. That was obvious in Tunnelers on Sunday, he came out ahead of me, crossed over my path and as I tried to avoid him, I believe we had a bit of contact. Did not bother him at all, he got up, shook himself off and finished the course. What a man!


Riki entered his first AKC agility trial the weekend of May 22 and 23, 2004. For his first outing in standard he did a very good job. He got a Novice Standard leg and two Novice Jumpers legs, all three with first places. Wow! I am so pleased with him. Riki and I have done more agility, he now has Starters Relay, Jumpers and Snooker titles in USDAA. He got his first leg in Advanced Jumpers at the Agile Dogs trial in January 2006. I taught him some tricks using the clicker and he loves that! He has learned to flip open the lid of a picnic basket, go in and let the top close over him. He bows on command, which I transferred to the bottom of the a-frame and dog walk . He loves to learn new behaviors and I think he will have an extensive repertoire of tricks in his bag.


Riki was awesome in Flyball! He did a great job, and had super box turns. He was a member of the Flyball team, Long Island Road Rage! Riki’s favorite thing was getting cheese for his work in Flyball and I was able to transfer that love and desire for the dairy food to his weaves! Riki is the first Papillon on Long Island to have any Flyball titles and he proudly tells everyone just that wonderful accomplishment!

I had to make a heartbreaking decision for me on the evening of Saturday July 18, to let Riki stop his constant fight for breath. His condition of collapsed trachea that he has been living with for three years just got the better of him.


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