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My Boxers Traveling Circus


Travis came to me as a second hand dog. I was lucky enough to purchase him from a friend at the place we were doing obedience training. He was a year and a half old when he joined my first Berner, Chelsea and I. What an awesome little dog he was! The first night he came home, Chelsea and I were treated to watching Travis zoom around the couch doing laps. Chelsea could only stand it so long, before she jumped down and tried to catch him. No luck, he was fast and she was not. Those two became fast friends and each were a source of entertainment for them both. 


Travis began doing obedience when it was the only game in town (no agility yet). He was quite good at it too! Getting his CD and CDX, Canadian CDX with quite a few first places. He also received his UKC CD with a very special High In Trial award.  But then one day I went to a new event in our area, an agility trial. One of the first to be held in the country. I was fascinated by this cool new sport. Travis and I found the only place on Long Island teaching agility and jumped in with gusto. We were not training too long, when we went to our first USDAA trial.


Those were the days when you only had to get one qualifying score to move up to the next level and weave pole training was not the same as it is now. We had problem on the first day of the trial which gave us a non qualifying run. Second day we managed to qualify, got the AD, next time out we were in Advanced with nary a clue how to run an Advanced course. In all our next few years of trialing in USDAA, he never got even one Advanced Standard leg. Although we came close a few times, once .026 seconds over time! Though he really did excel in the other classes, he was in Masters Jumpers, Masters Pairs, Snooker and qualifying regularly. When NADAC came along, he quickly got titles in all three classes. The bugaboo was that Advanced leg, never to get one. 


Travis also was the second dog I taught carting to. He had his own little wooden cart, created just for him by Dog Works, who also make carts and wagons for competition. He was their guinea pig for the creation of the pee wee cart. The boy was also an excellent swimmer, he retrieved sticks with the best sporting dogs and sometimes out swam them. He loved the water with a passion and would go out of this way to find some whenever we were walking.  My boy also did some photo shoots, did a commercial and a greeting card. His big claim to show business fame was a skit he was in on Saturday Night Live a few years ago, name of the skit was Name That Dog, he was there also with Sophie, who was one of the single dogs.


Travis was in the wall of dogs. He was just a sweet, wonderful, adorable and truly personable dog. Every one who met him remembered his super personality, he was the coolest!  

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