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Brighteye Devious Dragonfire MAD



I decided that I had to have a border collie to learn how to run a fast dog. I got Devin from Debbie Hotze, Brighteye Kennels, who also sent me my Bernese, Sophie. I had met Devin’s mom, Silver, at a visit to the breeders house. I was impressed with Silver, the fact that she was such a nice calm dog in the house, but could turn on, be intense, active and fast when she needed to. Just what I thought would be good for an apartment in Queens.


Devin was the most adorable puppy and fit in with the resident dogs like she had always been there. The Paps loved her, Travis played with her all the time. Lola ended up being the object of Devin’s attention. Every Border Collie has a quirk and Devin’s was watching and herding Lola from a distance. She would lay on the floor and stare up at Lola sleeping on the couch, when Lola moved so did Devin. Lola was very tolerant of her and ignored her blue shadow. When I lost Lola, Devin just forgot about staring at any Papillon and has not done it since. She is a bit of the fun police and when things get a bit out of control around here, she steps in quickly to bring order and calm.


Devin and I jumped in agility training with gusto, she loves agility with her whole heart. Teaching her was different than working with the Berner and the Paps, we went down some very rocky roads, true teamwork eluding us. However, the during all our years together we have solidified our working relationship, got those stays at the start 9 times out of 10 and running her had become a real joy. My personal goal which we achieved was the USDAA MAD (Master Agility Dog title). Every show we attended was a learning experience and further cemented our relationship in and out of the agility ring.


In October 2006, Devin retired from agility competition. She was 13 years old in August 2008 and she was having some small old age problems in agility, so I thought it best to just let her have fun in life and retire on a good note. She is enjoying her retirement and still she is as bossy and playing the fun police as well as she did when she was young.


Devin and I also did some herding when she was young and years later went back and tried it again. She enjoyed it and showed instinct. It was a true joy to see her turn on when she saw those sheep and do what the breed was meant to do. Devin raised a few more Paps pups for me, Carmen and Riki, now she was busy training those Kelpies. On the evening of July 16th, I lost my Devin one month before she turned 14. She passed away in my arms, quietly with grace and dignity. That is what she deserved for giving me 14 years of wonderful life experiences. Devin will always be remembered, loved and treasured by me.  


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