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CH MACH Kine-Ahora Gold’n Dragonfire



Carmen came to me as an adorable pup from breeder Ilsa Sternberg, Kine-Ahora. Full of fire, very opinionated and complaining, loudly from day one. She is extremely vocal, hence her name, Carmen. Aida would have been hard to yell out on the agility course. As I drove up to an agility trial that one day with the baby Carmen, the entire way she was singing opera in the back. My two favorite operas are Carmen and Aida, so that is how she got her name! Carmen talked all the time, sometimes loudly and mostly a low, whining and crying.


The Queen, Carmen and I tried our luck in the breed ring. I showed her a few times, got a point here and there, but our showing was sporadic. Hard to find time when Devin and Lola were busy in agility most weekends. Carmen’s breeder, Ilsa Sternberg, showed her for me and got more of those elusive points and some very nice wins. Carmen got her 2 majors, back to back in GA, handled by someone who knew more than I regarding handling conformation dogs, Susan Mong. After that I was privileged to get her last point and the Championship myself and even won the breed that day in PA. Now that was a awesome feeling! After achieving the CH we hung up our conformation clothes and moved 100% into agility.


Carmen loved agility. She did it with style, speed and attitude. If I handled poorly you will know that, as Carmen is telling me loudly on course. She disliked being confused and was very emphatic about it. She did spend 4 months from January – April 2002, doing NADAC with Sharon Nelson in NM, AZ and other warm weather states. She came back with 5 new titles and well on her way to qualifying for the NATCH, NADAC’s Championship title. Carmen and Teri continued on the path to more legs and more fun in agility. They qualified to attend the 2007 AKC Nationals in Ohio, I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to go along and watch them do very, very well at the show.


Carmen was owned by my friend, Teri Nolan in the last half of her life, Teri and I shared Carmen. Carmen moved from the city to the country and did enjoy her life. Teri did a fabulous job with her, she got quite a few of her latest titles in NADAC and AKC, including the MX and MXJ! And they now have the AKC Agility champion title, the MACH. I am very fortunate to have found the perfect place for Carmen to shine, the home of Teri Nolan!


Carmen’s personality was the true big dog in a small package, she hung on the Border Collie’s tail, got flung around as Devin spins. She raced the Border Collie and loved to chase her and kept up with her quite well. She always enjoyed life to the fullest and you could hear that in her voice as she barks and barks and barks….  

Carmen lived for over 16 years, an amazing life for a very special little dog. She touched so many lives and everyone knew Carmen and looked for her everywhere we went. A huge hole in the hearts of her two mothers, we are grateful that we had so many years with her. Rest well Carmen, we miss you.

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