Raven, Victory Rvn Dragonfire


Australian Working Kelpie, born 6/23/06. She is an 2 time CPE Agility Champion and has Flyball titles. She is the wild child, fast, fun and very focused when she plays any game. Raven loves to run fast and to bark, it has been so much fun to train and to work with her.

Raven’s first agility trial was at the LIA USDAA trial on October 11 and 12, 2008.  She ran in Starters Gamblers and Starters Snooker.  Andrea Samuels, the very talented handler of Papillons and other dogs, ran her for me in these two classes (I decided not run her since I just came out of the hospital after 4 days of IV antibiotics) So, this  was Raven’s first time out in the agility ring, she and Andrea came in fourth and qualified.  How is that for a debut in the agility ring!  Is that not awesome?  Andrea did a fine job harnessing the wild and crazy dog in the ring.  Thanks Andrea.

 Raven joined our family in November of 2006 when she was five months old.  We went up to MA to check out this young dog to see if she would fit into the household.  Well, she was sweet, got along with all the dogs, everyone approved of her, so she came home with us in the car and will not be leaving.  Raven is so smart she doing flyball, turning on the board and doing restrained recalls over jumps and just this week did some racing in practice! In agility, she loves, loves tunnels, weaves, see saw and will do most anything for a piece of food.  She is a clever little girl.   She has brightened up our lives and nothing pleases me more than seeing my dogs playing with each other and being dogs….

 Raven has done some amazing things in agility, running with her favorite person, Lenny a young man who has brought out the best in her.  The two of them are an super fast team, Raven loves to run with Lenny!  Their teamwork is why she has two CPE Agility Championships and working on the 3rd one!

And like fine wine, at 9 years of age, she has become more and more focused in agility.  Now, I get a chance to work with her and it has been a blast!


CPE Agility

  • C-ATCH
  • C-ATCH 2
  • ChFH
  • ChJP
  • ChJU
  • ChST

Teacup Agility

  • TG1
  • TG2
  •  TG3

AKC Agility

  • NA
  • NAJ

Flyball titles

  • FD
  • FDX
  • FDCH
  • FM


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