About Me

Hello, my name is Louise Wetzel. I found agility in 1992 when I went to watch my friend in one of the very first Agility Trials in the USA, in Westchester NY. I was hooked right away, it looked like so much fun. My first Papillon Travis and I went to agility classes at Long Island Agility in Brentwood NY. It was not long before we were in competitions and having a great time. After Travis came a Bernese Mountain Dog, Sophie, who became the first USDAA titled dog in USDAA. Shortly after that I was asked to teach and since then I have been teaching agility in various places in Westchester, Staten Island and Long Island. I currently teach agility at Doggie U K9 Academy in Bay Shore NY. Many dogs have crossed my path professionally and personally. I now share my home with two Papillons and 2 Australian Working Kelpie, all who do some sort of dog sports.

I believe that there is no one way to teach agility, all dog and handler teams are individuals, I try to tailor the teaching and techniques to each team, whether it be food or toys, whatever works for the dog, works for me. I have attended many seminars, worked with some fabulous people and tried to bring back this knowledge to my students.

Thank you to each and every one of them human and canine, you make my job so much fun every day I get the privilege to work with you.

My Past

The past, this whole project for me is because of finding my childhood fried, Elizabeth Pittman on Facebook and going through one of my photo albums on Dorothy’s birthday. it brought back fond memories and afther seeing them and talking to Liz, I wanted to share it with you all. It all began with these two people for me. My Mom Ann and my Dad Jack

My Mom Ann and my Dad Jack (that’s me as a young thing…)